Why Video Marketing is the Wave of the Internet Today

If you are in business today, or starting your own business, be it in sales or running your own company, you surely have already realized how important marketing is. No sales, no income, no business. Plain and simple.

If you are in business, you should know something about marketing. Nowadays, when we talk about marketing, the first thing that should come up is internet marketing, and when we talk about internet marketing, on top of the list is video marketing. This is the unfair advantage in internet marketing today.

In this video, coach Jon Orana talks about the success behind Maine Mendoza, also know as Yaya Dub. She is the internet sensation who got really popular thru Dubsmash. But what we did not know is that she started 3 years earlier before her discovery online.

Watch this short video to know more and appreciate what video marketing can do to your popularity and your business too.

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