I am DJ Dimaliuat and I am a life coach.

I believe in achieving total happiness in life.

I know that we can all be ABUNDANT and BALANCED at the same time in the 6 major and important areas of our life: Health, Money, Relationships, Experiences, Career, and Life Purpose.

I, myself, is in a journey of achieving great Health, making more Money, having happy Relationships, awesome Experiences, a fulfilling Career, and living his Life Purpose.

I believe that you can do it too!

Why? Because everyone deserves true and total happiness.

We are all created equal.

I always say that:

“True happiness can be found on the road, not when you’re sleeping at home”

This my own way of saying that “Success is the Journey, not the Destination”

I am also successful in doing business after so many failures encountered in life. Here I will share my life to you, and how life can be easier if there’s someone to coach you along the way.

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