The Power of Giving: CSR Video

It is part of our nature as human beings to give back and pay our blessings forward to other people in need. Everyday of my life, I feel blessed and grateful of everything that is happening in my life and I always want to share those blessings to other people.

A lot of times, I love to inspire my friends to also take charge of their lives and be really successful and be truly happy. At times, I also look for an opportunity to help the less fortunate.

In this video, I talked about The Power of Giving. We went to the home of young kids to give them inspiration and empower them to start believing in themselves.

I discussed the 3 reasons why we must give back to society.

  1. There’s a lot of people in need
  2. We need a lot of heroes
  3. You are more blessed than other people

I also discussed about the 3 benefits that you can get in giving back.

  1. It feels so good.
  2. You will feel abundant as well as grateful.
  3. More blessings will come your way.

Watch this video and be inspired as we reach out to these kids and I hope to also infect you that you want to pay it forward too.

When you get used to giving back and helping people, get ready to also receive a lot of blessing soon! Get ready to be rich!

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