The Big Difference between Winners and Losers

Most people want to be more successful than where they are right now. Most people want to have better health, happier relationships, more money, be fulfilled in their life.

Since most of us want the same in life, why is it that only a few people are winning in their life? Why does a lot of people still do not get what they want? Why do people stay to be overweight? Why do people stay in relationships who are miserable? Why do most people still do not have the sales that they want in their business and not earn enough money?

I’ll share you the answer to this dilemma.

The thing is, there is a big difference between winners and losers.

Those who are winning in life always give their best all the time. Let’s call this EXCELLENCE. Winners always have a way to get what they really want, and the losers? They always have excuses no matter what.

Some people try to be excellent once in a while. But is it enough? You guessed it right. It’s not!

It’s not enough to do your best and be excellent once in a while. Winners play excellent all the time.

Those big spurts of effort only bring us luck, most of the time, it brings no results, only gives us frustration, we get tired, and in turn, we don’t want to give our best again. We go into the trap of burning out and we never get the results that we want.

So how do you overcome this?

First, you have to understand the Law of Gestation. Things takes time before it will materialize. Just like when you were born. Your mother took care of you, and excitedly waited for you for 9 months in her womb. There was a happy expectation. She was excited! And the product? The perfect you!

In health, when you want to lose weight, it takes time.

In relationships, understand that a “one time, big time” effort will never compensate for the years of not giving time and effort.

In earning money, one day and one seminar will not completely change your life.

You should take action!

Not just simply act but CONSISTENT ACTION!

Does it need to be massive? Preferably.

But for me, the most important thing is having the habit of taking action. Just take that one small step everyday and you will eventually get in a roll. That’s the Law of Momentum happening for you.

What I am trying to say here is that the other big difference of Winners and Losers is CONSISTENCY.


Have a self-assesment in your life right now.

Are you winning? or are you losing?

The next question is… are you EXCELLENT in what you do? in which area are you CONSISTENT?

Only you can answer that, but my principle is, RESULTS SHOW.

If you want to improve the results you want in your life, It’s about time to change your game now!

There’s still time.

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