A short talk about Entrepreneurship leads to a greater vision

Hey, let me tell you a story.

Just last week, I had the privilege to be invited and be a speaker in 4 sections of an Entrepreneurship class in UST, the oldest university in the Philippines.

A friend of mine who was a former professon in my alma mater, Adamson University, has just transferred to a new school and was tasked to handle an Entrepreneurship class. In his first semester of teaching in his new school, he already was asked to handle 4 sections of Entrepreneurship!

This is a class of graduating Information Systems students and Entrepreneurship is one of their minor subjects included in their curriculum. Taking a closer look, I realized that it is a very important subject for them as their probable career after graduation is to establish their own firm or at least be a freelancer or self-employed. This gave me more reason to do better in my talk.

Yummies at UST

My friend, who is their professor, confessed to me that he only had a short stint in business and he knows that he lacks experience to share to these students and that’s why he asked for help. I am grateful that I said yes to this because this is one of the best 2 .5-hour modules I have delivered so far!

I am asked to talk about my experience in running a start-up business, my struggles in the past, and how did I overcome those struggles, as well as the rewards I had because I did not give up on my dreams. I also made some slides about what investors might look in order to invest in a start-up business. I spent 1 day of my life developing the slides for my module.

I had 2 sessions composed of almost 100 students per batch and the response was awesome! I didn’t realize before that I had a wonderful story to tell the students as I have small business experiences starting when I was 15. More that half of the time, I was just talking about my story, and I saw how the participants were so interested and that they can relate. Most importantly, I also share my mindset and how I think when I was an aspiring entrepreneur like them.

In the end, after my 2.5-hour talk, a number of participants approached me and even stayed for another 30-minutes just to have their questions answered. I felt so blessed to be able to share my experiences with them.

I am doing this work because I feel so blessed being able to start in business early. My first experience started when I was 15. At age 22, I am already a millionaire. Not bad. Actually, it’s awesome!

I believe that the youth, our younger generation, has the best potential to be millionaires too and be a game changer in this ever evolving world and help out nation be one of the best!

To further support this cause, I launched my website designed specifically for those who want to be Young Millionaires . You may visit http://youngmillionaires.djdimaliuat.com or share this link to your friends and relatives if you also want them to be inspired by my story.

The Young Millionaire Guide Cover

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